Sharon Ooja is here to show us how to wear prints in a sophisticated way

Prints outfits will always be a beautiful piece and an essential wardrobe staple.

Owning a print outfit is such a necessity to a lady’s wardrobe. They are so attractive and can be used to draw attention to any part of your body and they come in so many patterns and colours.

Skinny Girl in Transit star, Sharon Oojais showing us how to wear prints boldly and fiercely.

When wearing prints, one thing you should consider iswhat part of your body do you want to draw the attention to.

If you want to flaunt your hips, then go ahead and wear print pants or if you want the attention to be on your entire body you can opt for a full print dress just like Sharon Ooja.

We love the thigh-high details and how she accessorized at minimal.

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